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On Minutiae

"Sometimes I just find myself caught up in all this minutiae," I told the cabbie, this 30-something dude with torn jeans and a worn baseball cap.

It’s weird, I kept thinking. This guy sounds like he’s in his 20’s, with his hipster slang and Whatever laugh. It was 3 in the morning and I was talking to him about everything and nothing at all.

"I get so caught up with myself, what I’m lacking, what others think of me, that I lose sight of all there is around me," I went on.

The cabbie’s name was Greg, and he thought that my notions were ridiculous. He thought everyone was crazy.

"I think if you ask one person everything there is about themselves, their lives, what they’ve gone through, then you go ask someone else the same stuff? You’re gonna get different answers every time. Everyone’s crazy."

I told him how much I wished everyone realized how it didn’t matter, this being crazy thing. Because then everyone would just walk down the street and talk aloud to themselves, sing, scream, whatever, and we’d all be rejoicing in each other’s idiosyncracies.

"Yeah, but you know what? The way I look at it, the less people know about that kinda stuff, the more room I have to push through, and take over the world."

Maybe it was a hyperbole, but it doesn’t have to be.